coloring electric like, photona, and when we met – at dante’s
 february 9th, 2018 @ dante's pdx

february 9th, 2018 @ dante's pdx


Scott “Uncle Scotty” Hammond -

Second on the show roster was Photona, an electronic rock trio with a dark powerful sound derived from the deepest depths of the cosmos. I was immediately captivated by singer Outer Stace’s vocal prowess. She stalked the stage like a caged tiger, occasionally crouching down in front of the crowd in a pose I’d describe as dangerous and playful. Her husband, XavierX, rocked a partially electronic drum set and brought back a sound reminiscent of John Bonham. Guitarist/synth player, Phono, filled out the band’s arena quality sound. They were powerful and edgy with catchy hooks that made songs stick to me for the rest of the evening and into the next morning.

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