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An InterView with Outer Stace of Photona

By Dawn Wood (DWoodkillMW)

As one of the bands performing at this year’s PIGFest in August, Dawn Wood had the opportunity to speak with Portland, Oregon’s synthpop trio Photona. Here, she previews the band’s new EP O V E R D O S E R, discovering the group’s sound to be a luxurious blend of beautiful and catchy soundcapes with haunting vocals. In her words, “Highly recommended goth-essential music here!” Photona’s Outer Stace took the time to answer some questions about Photona’s new release, PIGFest, and the band’s plans to take over the universe.

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o v e r d o s e r ep release - riveting music review
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CD Review
Photona – Overdoser

Female lead Portland Synth Wave band Photona is set to release their 2nd album this coming August called “Overdoser” which includes 4 tracks of dark images and frustration all bound in deep synths, heavy drums and guitars, and a dark angel’s voice. Composed of veteran musicians Outer Stace providing voice and words, Phono on synths, guitars and sounds and XavierX on Drums, Photona 1st came on the scene back in March of 2017 with their 1st release “Alabaster Inlay Tiger Panels”.

"Overdoser" opens with the dark pop song “You Look Like Warhol”, which is a great track that should be featured on a Top 40 Alternative radio station. I would love to listen to this on the radio, which is something I don’t normally do. To corporate driven in my opinion and radio stations should break away from that mind set and start playing great music again. This is the track they should be playing.

The CD continues the dark reflections of our inner selves with awesome tracks “Sex in New York” and “Level Heads”. It all ends too quickly with the title track “Overdoser”. I really would hate to date myself, but this music reminds me of a couple female drive bands from the 80’s. Photona has outshined them in this short EP with their words and song and I look forward to more dark music from them in the future.

You can pre-order “Overdoser” on vinyl on their bandcaamp page now and while you are there, you can grab a digital copy of “Alabaster Inlay Tiger Panels” for free or order a copy of it on CD or Vinyl. You can also catch Photona at PIG Fest 3 August 10th where they will be opening for Hellbent and God Module.

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coloring electric like, photona, and when we met – at dante’s
 february 9th, 2018 @ dante's pdx

february 9th, 2018 @ dante's pdx


Scott “Uncle Scotty” Hammond -

Second on the show roster was Photona, an electronic rock trio with a dark powerful sound derived from the deepest depths of the cosmos. I was immediately captivated by singer Outer Stace’s vocal prowess. She stalked the stage like a caged tiger, occasionally crouching down in front of the crowd in a pose I’d describe as dangerous and playful. Her husband, XavierX, rocked a partially electronic drum set and brought back a sound reminiscent of John Bonham. Guitarist/synth player, Phono, filled out the band’s arena quality sound. They were powerful and edgy with catchy hooks that made songs stick to me for the rest of the evening and into the next morning.

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